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LuvHub Productions is based in Los Angeles, California, and is comprised of a team of entertainment industry veterans whose talents include music production, graphic design, film editing, book writing, book marketing, publicity, and book bestseller campaigns. At the hub of LuvHub Productions is the husband and wife team of Dana and Kelly Walden (in fact, LuvHub became Kelly's nickname for Dana on their wedding fourteen years ago). Together they've been enriching the lives of countless individuals, transformational leaders, Fortune 500 executives, UN ambassadors, celebrities, TV producers, entrepreneurs, inner-city kids, and stay-at-home moms—helping them to find their voice, gain greater visibility, and make a more hearty difference in the world. Dana Walden, (Director of Strategic Insights and Creative Implementation) is an internationally acclaimed composer, performer, music and film producer and director. He is the former Chairman of the Education Commission for IREO (Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization), a founding board member of Fostering A Change (housing and program support for women aging out of the foster care system), board member of Celerity Educational Group (14 inner city charter schools in Los Angeles), co-founder of The Dream Project (empowerment program for youth). He specializes in connecting the dots between passion, people and projects across diverse (and sometimes seemingly unrelated) platforms. He is dedicated to "the dream realized".

Best selling author of 9 books, Kelly Sullivan Walden is on a mission to awaken the world to the power of dreams. She is known as "Doctor Dream", America's premiere Dream expert and is a frequent guest on national TV (Dr. Oz, Rikki Lake, Bethenny, The Real) and radio (Coast to Coast, and her own weekly show Dreams Unzipped). She is a visionary that creates and implements programs that bring dreams to reality and is overjoyed supporting creatives do the same. She is the past president of the Woman's National Book Association (Los Angeles), a certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker, and Founder of The Dream Project, a non-profit organization inspiring young people to solve global issues described in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and CHIME IN (The Change Is Me International). Marianne Williamson may have written, "as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." But Kelly Sullivan Walden
lives it.



LuvHub works it from the inside out. The times are definitely changing…what used to work, doesn't … people and systems need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and useful. Today you can't drive your passion, message or mission on anything less than a tank full of authenticity so it is important to have a great and deep understanding of media led by the heart and implemented through the mind. As a full spectrum video and audio production group we always start your project from the soul level and build it out until you see what you feel.


"Working with LuvHub is like being seen in a crowd and heard out loud in a whisper. Kelly and Dana are the man and women inside the magic and you never need to be more than you to be magic in their eyes. Wow, Wow, Wow!!!" ~Doug Jack- Emmy Award Winning Choreographer

"With Kelly and Dana Walden's expert guidance, my book,"Surviving Cancerland:Intuitive Aspects of Healing", was catapulted to the Amazon International Bestseller List in an additional 3 categories. Kelly went above and beyond the call of duty helping to make my dream of being a bestselling author come true. I am forever grateful!" ~Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos - International Bestselling Author

"We have clients nationwide who have video requirements of all kinds … books, web-series, narrative pieces etc …. LuvHub Productions hit a home-run with every client we've sent to them. LuvHub makes our firm look great." ~Steve Allen- Public Relations Firm Owner (Steve Allen Media)

"Kelly and Dana are a dream team to work with. Partners in shine that allowed me to feel calm, cool and collected. Kelly has an innate ability to extract the most essential elements of your story, all done in a light hearted fun loving way. As a creative (with what feels like infinite amounts of inspirations), deciding to 'write' the foundation of my book with the Fast Track system, was the smartest choice I could have made. it took an overwhelming experience to 'whelm' and initiated the fast track to realize my deepest aspirations". ~Laura Fredrickson - International Speaker / Author of "Priceless"/ Fulfillioniare Specialist

My collaboration with LuvHub really opened the doors for my innate creativity and vision to express in ways I had only dreamed of…and then even more! The support and imaginative ideas I got from working with LuvHub gave me a huge boost in confidence, visibility, and momentum in my career." ~Philippo Franchini - The Musical Alchemis

"I am a firm believer in the miracle of finding the right people on your path when we need them. What better validation that you are indeed on the right path? I still sit in wonder when I recall the string of synchronicity that put Kelly on my path. And when I say Kelly is one of the "right" people. I mean that she not only got me headed in a new direction to get my book out to the world, she did so with enthusiasm and Love! She is a true cheerleader and visionary who has blazed a trail uniquely her own and that to me is pure gold. I can remember being hesitant to book a session only because I didn't know much about the business and there are some opportunistic people in every area of life who would love to take my money for a one hour phone call. As soon as Kelly opened our call with a blessing...I knew she was the real deal, perfectly aligned with her purpose. By the end of the phone call I was dizzy with excitement, tears and gratitude. I thought, What just happened? By the end of the second session, I had a literary agent ready to sign with me, connections to social media I hadn't considered before and and a confidence I hadn't known was waiting for me. I was on my way. Soon I had a contract with a publisher who is equally aligned with her purpose and this all took place within 6 months of my calls with Kelly. To say I am grateful for Kelly and the blessing she is to so many is an understatement." ~Caroline E. Zani, M.Ed - Medium - Author - Educator

"When I discovered I had a book inside of me and it needed to come out, I completely resisted every bit of the traditional process. The traditional process of writing it out haunted me because I have a full and very active l life--I was never going to be the guy to say "No" to my family, service projects, and clients in favor of sitting at my desk long enough to write a book--and I'm a time management expert! Taking time to write a book, even though I knew it would ultimately be of benefit to many people, in the short term felt like a selfish, even narcissistic venture--in other words, I was in a double bind that I could not seem to get untangled from. It wasn't until I met Kelly and Dana Walden and underwent their Fast TrackBook Process that the impossible became possible. Within no time--actually about a year--my book will be launched this month! The Fast Track Book Process made it possible for me to have my cake (my full life) and eat it too (write a book that I'm incredibly proud of). If you're like me, your book may continue to LuvHub; Kelly Sullivan Walden • 323.893.3028 • Fast Track Book Creation p.10 haunt you for the rest of your life unless you convince Kelly and Dana to take you on. I feel incredibly blessed and could never have become a published author without them. The real benefits to their secret sauce is that I can flow through the process in my heart and head versus only being logical and linear. Not only did I get a book which was bid by the top publishing agencies, but I was able to use the videos and audio for marketing and promotional purposes. Traditional old school methods do even come close to the leverage Kelly and Dana create!i" ~Chad Cooper - Robbins Results Coach at Robbins Research International

"Working with Kelly to launch my book, 'Your Next Bold Move for Women: 9 Proven Steps to Everything You Ever Wanted' was amazing. She led me through a very structured approach that included a step by step approach to make my book an best seller. Kelly's marketing support, guidance, and insight was the rocket fuel I needed. I absolutely positively could not have done it without her help!" Wendy Capland - Author

"My book lived for a long time in my head (and heart) but making it a reality, with two kids (and another on the way) not to mention my full-time career, could have never happened (in this lifetime). Without being championed every step of the way by Dana and Kelly Walden (aka LuvHub Productions) my book never would have seen the light. It was a labor of love that not only birthed my bestselling book, but a new dimension of my soul…and meaningful contribution to others.i" ~Dr. Sam Collins - President of Aspire Foundation Bestselling Author of "Radio Heaven"

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